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The Continent of Moir


Octavia Marguerite Sinclair

Our player character, Octavia is an Aasimar druid and herbalist. She's traveling through Moir with her elven friend Karhun, after being sent out on a task by the god Al Absolon, whose divinity runs in her veins.

Karhun Ussirius

Our DM character, Karhun is a scholar from Elystrya - and also a werebear. He had a vision from the god Al Absolon to find Octavia in Lake Ansel, and through journeying together potentially atone for some of his past mistakes.

A Brief History of Moir
The history of Moir is broken into two eras, separated by a cataclysmic event known as 'The Judgment.' What is known of the first era, before this event, has been gleaned through archaeological discoveries and ancient tomes. The most complete record from the First Era is the Tome of Belvydra, discovered by settlers of Moir in the Second Era.


The First Era
Elves were the original occupants of Moir, but they were not alone. All manner of vicious monsters threatened their early
settlements and civilizations in primordial Moir. Ancient legends say the the gods took pity on the first elves, and granted them a tribunal of protectors to watch over their people. These protectors were Dragons, one of each color and metallic hue, and they were given dominion over all the land.

The Elves lived peacefully under the Dragons' watchful eyes for centuries. However, unbeknownst to them, a race of psychic aquatic creatures called Aboleth had grown jealous of the power the Dragons wielded and plotted to take it for themselves. The Aboleth corrupted the minds of the chromatic dragons and turned them against their metallic counterparts on a fateful night called 'The Night of Broken Scales.' This began a great and terrible war between the surviving metallic dragons and Elves against the chromatic dragons and the Aboleth. After a long and bloody conflict, the metallic dragons were slain and the majority of Elves retreated into underground tunnels and caves, sealing themselves off from the surface and ushering in the rule of the Aboleth and Chromatic Dragons.

However, the Aboleth were not satisfied. They desired to be akin to gods, and sought out dark powers to fulfill this wish by forging deals with Archdevils. It was then that the true gods of Moir saw no other option but to step in and reset their world upon a better path. They channeled their powers into an avatar that manifested on Moir and waged war against the Aboleth, Dragons, and Devils. The devils were sealed into an Abyss, and the Aboleth were banished to a plane of water. The dragons,  originally intended as protectors of the world, were punished and their souls were trapped within five Artifacts - eternally conscious yet impotent. This event became known as The Judgment.

The Second Era
Centuries after the Judgment, new sentient life began to appear on Moir, although their origins are unclear. This life banded together, first forming tribes and clans that slowly organized into City-States: The Humans of Stagpine, the Dwarves of Gruundikov, and the Elves of Elystrya forming the largest and most powerful civilizations, with the Dragonborn of Malik, the Bandits of Durkmont and the Lycanthropes of Montignon becoming minor powers.


The Pantheon of Moir
The denizens of Moir generally accept the existence of three gods. Local and regional gods are still worshipped by small groups, but their existence is disputed.

Al Fanoer - The lawful good god of light and ruler of the higher planes. His symbol is a stag, an eagle and the sun. Suggested domains: Light, Life, Protection, Arcana.

Al Selune - The chaotic good goddess of darkness and ruler of the lower planes. Her symbol is a gate, bat or raven. Suggested domains: Death, Grave, War, Trickery.

Al Absolon - The neutral good god of the material and ruler of the core planes. His symbol is a mountain, leopard or duck. Suggested domains: Nature, Tempest, Knowledge, Forge.


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