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Me, My Spouse, and a Die didn't start as an actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast. It started as two spouses wanting to play a one on one campaign in a world of their own creation.


They just happened to have so much fun, it would be selfish not share, right?

Meet Gwenyth

Gwenyth is, professionally, an attorney. Personally, she first started playing RPGs with a wildly over-thought 5e Elven monk who promptly ended up being useless and enjoys the company of the two family cats.   

Player, Octavia Marguerite Sinclair

Meet Austin

Austin is, professionally, a chemist. Personally, he's a partial DnD hipster since he first started playing RPGs with the 4e Starter Set, though his rogue died in the first boss fight, and enjoys long walks on San Juan beaches.

DM, countless NPCs

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