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Do you want to make your mark on the lore of Moir? Have an idea to make the battles more exciting? Just want to hear your name read over the airwaves? Regardless of the reason, we want you to submit your ideas for critical hit and miss effects, to be used in-game on Me, My Spouse, and a Die!

Not sure exactly what we're talking about? In Dungeons and Dragons, a roll of a 20 on the die during an attack counts as an automatic, critical hit, and a roll of a 1 is an automatic, critical miss! We want to make these criticals something really special - and we need your help. Give us your idea for effects, complications, or anything you can think of to occur during one of these hits or misses.

Fill out the form below with your legendary hit or debilitating miss!

Critical Hit Examples:

You strike with such savage ferocity that your enemy is shaken to their core. Deal normal critical damage and your target must make a DC 15 Wisdom Saving Throw or become frightened of you for 1d4 rounds.

Your attack hits with surgical precision. Deal normal critical damage but you may reroll any die under 3.

Critical Miss Examples:

Your wild, flailing attack misses widely and shifts you off balance. The target of your attack may use their reaction to make a free melee or ranged attack at you. On a hit, you are knocked prone.

The heat of battle causes you to sweat profusely. Make a DC 13 Constitution Saving Throw or be blinded for one round.

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